Check On Your People (ChOP)

Why do we ChOP?

It is important to remember to check in on your people. People can often feel isolated and alone, so it is important to make sure they feel seen and acknowledged. This simple act of checking in can be a powerful reminder to others that they are not alone and that someone is there to support them. A simple question like, “How are you?” can go a long way in making someone feel valued and cared for.

It is also important that we Reverse ChOP. That is letting someone know that we are in need of help and sharing our feelings with others. I was once reminded that how can someone know you need help if you do not ask or tell them.

You may be wondering, “ How do I know who to check on?” Many times God has placed someone on my mind and I instantly send a text message or if I am in person, I have felt led to just ask someone how they are doing and a conversation sparked that was needed in that moment. Pay attention to the prompts, especially if they keep occurring for that same person, it is always for a reason,

We are made to do life together and not alone. So stop today and ChOP or Reverse ChOP if needed.