Jarkeshia McGahee is an Encouragement Cheerleader, Podcaster, Speaker, and an advocate for mental health.

She provides Christian Encouragement with an emphasis on checking on your people. She is passionate about providing encouragement, positivity, and care. She loves to see you winning, smiling, and laughing.

We all could use some joy in our lives, after all, there is enough negativity in the world. Some call her a ray of sunshine as they say that she brings light into a room.

Mental health is very near and dear to Jarkeshia, as she has been someone that has suffered from depression and anxiety. Her mission is to bring more awareness to mental health among the faith community, especially with our women. We must check on our people and make sure we are doing well or not doing well and step in when needed.

God has created Jarkeshia to take her pain and turned it into her purpose and she is doing just that.

She is the CEO of Rays of SunshineJAM, ChOP with JAM, and the host of the Encouragement Forward Podcast. She has encouraging t-shirts, encouragement cards, a course, conference replays, journals, and more to come. Whenever she is not working, you can find her nestled in her home in Alabama with her husband and their daughter. She is also a bonus mom to two beautiful bonus daughters.